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As a private practice midwife at Alta Bates Summit Medical Center, I work in partnership with my clients to create individualized birth experiences where women feel supported, empowered and in charge of their health care. I want my clients to experience the feeling of being wholly supported in trusting their body’s instincts to guide their delivery. From our first conversation, we begin to build a relationship that lasts beyond the postpartum period and will support you during this important life transition. I encourage you to build a support team of your choosing and welcome the involvement of partners and family members in our appointments. I will provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions about your health care. Together we will create a birth experience that meets your needs and supports your transition to parenthood.

It was during my post-baccalaureate premedical program when I started to look for ways to blend the medical work with fostering meaningful connections with my patients. Instead of solely making the best medical decisions on behalf of my clients, I could empower them to make their own decisions by providing complete access to information. It became clear that through midwifery I could support women in achieving empowered, informed birth experiences, while fostering relationships built on mutual trust. It was during my work with low income teen moms where I saw firsthand what I had always believed to be true - if you nurture the mother there are only positive implications for the health of the child, as well as the future health of the mother. These experiences solidified the values which my private practice is built upon.

After graduating from University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing in 2011 and becoming a Certified Nurse Midwife, I returned to my Bay Area roots to establish my private practice right here in the East Bay. Growing up in the Bay Area and being born at Alta Bates myself, I couldn’t imagine anywhere better to establish my private practice and attend births. I’ve always known that I would be an advocate for women’s health and through midwifery, this passion has led me to my calling.

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