Amy and Russell G.

Amy and Russell G.

Ellie is the best. The best. We liked everything about Ellie. Everything. 

Ellie's own knowledge and network of resources she pointed us towards (e.g., birth classes, literature, and references to other unique practitioners that Ellie has integrated into her community) perfectly prepared us for our firstborn's arrival. Although there will "always be surprises", we felt there were none for us that weren't already pre-empted with a discussion or with education that Ellie gave us around all topics of interest or potential concern. 

In regards to communication, we felt like there was very quick turn around and we always felt prioritized (quality over quantity). Our specific needs were met every time, and she was very clear as to how to best communicate with her to allow us to really get to know ourselves as future parents and to get to know her as our midwife. She set us up for success and confidence in the birthing process, and everything leading up to it. She will continue to be an asset in our lives as someone we trust whole heartedly to ask ourselves, "What might Ellie suggest?". But we know that, with her trust in us, we know ourselves as parents better than anyone else. She taught us how to create, grow and nurture that power. 

Ellie's bedside manner was outstanding. She did a good job of advising and being very direct at times when she felt like a particular option was in our best interest, while not being so direct as to take away our feeling of choice. We felt empowered always, not belittled. She got to know us so well as individuals and as a couple, and could really advise according to what she thought would be best suited for how we view the world. 

Ellie's skills and presence during labor and delivery made us incredibly comfortable and confident, and we both felt safe and secure in her care. With Ellie, we felt like we had the benefit working with a midwife who would help us avoid unnecessary medical intervention, alongside the benefit of birthing in a hospital, where we had all our bases covered.

We feel so incredibly lucky to have Ellie as our midwife.

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