Audrey L. and Craig S.

Audrey L. and Craig S.
Caesarean section

Deciding on a caregiver for our first pregnancy and birth wasn't a light decision. We initially planned on going with an OB but soon learned that they rotate depending on who was on duty and we weren't guaranteed to have the same OB for delivery. We were hoping for a more personal experience and wanted to build a relationship with the person delivering our child, so we opted to go with a midwife.

From the moment we first met Ellie, we knew we were in good hands. Her warmth, intelligence, and approachability were exactly what we were hoping to find in a caregiver. On top of all of that, she was one of a handful of midwives with practicing privileges at Alta Bates which was really important to us.

Throughout our prenatal visits, Ellie made us feel so at home. It was refreshing and we looked forward to each meeting! We could talk about anything, we never felt rushed, and Ellie did a great job of keeping us prepared for each step throughout our journey. Between visits, she was always accessible. We could text her a question and she'd get right back to us. We had a direct line to her—no having to go through receptionists. It was the type of responsiveness we would have never received from our old OB. We also really loved the fact that Ellie emphasized partner involvement as a core tenet of her practice. It created a great foundation for our entire pregnancy, labor, and now parenthood.

When we finally went into labor, Ellie was there every step of the way—from the hospital check-in to our post partum recovery. She was extremely reassuring and comforting, and made us feel informed and secure about every decision we were making. And though she didn’t have to stay with us through the early labor, she did—giving us advice and helping us through it. She gave us room to labor, but had our backs the whole time. We ended up having a long and difficult labor full of intense emotions and on her advice gave birth via C-section. It wasn’t a decision that any of us made lightly, but Ellie had our best interests at hand the whole time and we completely trusted her.

Despite having to have a C-section, our birth was a beautiful one because of Ellie. She was 100% invested in us the entire time and we had complete trust in her. The energy, emotion and support from her for the birth of our son was so incredibly moving and powerful that we will forever be touched by that love.

Ellie has been an amazing midwife, friend, and counselor throughout this fantastic journey and we're so glad to have shared it with her.


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