Bart and Ilse O.

Bart and Ilse O. 
International Perspective

We are a couple from the Netherlands and therefore had no idea about the US medical system. We wanted our care to be similar to what we would expect in the Netherlands, so that is why we chose a midwife. Since we did not like the idea of a home birth, we searched for a midwife associated to a hospital. This is how and why we chose Ellie. 

Our experience with Ellie has been amazing. She was always there for us, she understood and worked with our wishes (and sometimes cultural differences) and it simply felt like she has always been a friend of us. Also, for me it was great that Ellie could provide us with a lot of information (and as a scientist I need a lot) and point us to relevant publications. This helped us to make very informed decisions on how we thought the delivery would have the least risk for our daughter and her mother. Also, it was very reassuring that Ellie was very supportive in these discussions. Not only her knowledge, but also her people skills (motivational, sympathetic, etc.) perfectly matched what we needed. Thanks to Ellie the delivery of our daughter was the best! 

The best is yet to come though: After our daughter was born and when she was two weeks old my wife got really sick and had a fever of over 104F. We ended in the hospital for almost a week and it was terrifying. Even during this time, Ellie made sure we got the best care. She checked on my wife every day, moreover she explained in layman's terms what was happening and helped us talk to the experts. I am sure that behind the scenes she did even more for us. Note that at some point the doctor's concluded that my wife's medical condition was unrelated to the delivery, so Ellie didn't had to be involved at all. This, I think, exemplifies how much Ellie cares and that this is more than a job for here. Thanks to Ellie we made it trough this terrifying period.

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