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  • Chiropractic Care in Pregnancy - Information about the benefits of chiropractic care during your pregnancy. 
  • Dr. Ariel Provasoli - Specializes in chiropractic care and pregnancy. Ariel is also a birth doula who can support you during your labor as well as get you back in alignment postpartum. 
  • Dr. Sid Verma, Oakbay Chiropractic - Experience in treating pregnancy-related symptoms as well as the whole family, a wonderful addition to your pregnancy team. 


  • Acupuncture and Pregnancy - Information to help you determine if this modality is right for you and your pregnancy.
  • Marti Lee Kennedy- Dr. Kennedy offers treatments that are specific to the first, second and third trimesters of pregnancy. These treatments help relieve common symptoms and increase the likelihood of a safe, healthy birthing experience.
  • Berkeley Community Acupuncture - Private intake appointment with acupuncture administered in a community room. 




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