Brittany R.

Brittany R.   
26 week transfer

With Ellie I had the pregnancy and birth I wish every mother could experience, every time. She was the supporting anchor on our little birth team, our advocate, and our friend. She empowered my husband and I to put our wishes and comfort first. With Ellie's help I felt prepared, confident, and capable through my delivery, and for that I am forever grateful.

We transferred to Ellie when I was 26 weeks along with our first baby. We were new to the East Bay and a mid-labor trek across the bridge to UCSF was not an adventure I was keen on taking. (As it would turn out, my labor escalated crazy quickly—one of many reasons this was a VERY good decision.)

In looking for a provider I'd hoped to find the care of a midwife with the security of a hospital. What I found with Ellie was that and SO much more.

We looked forward to every appointment—not just because we got to hear our little guy's heartbeat, but because we thoroughly enjoyed the time we spent together. We'd come with questions, as you do, and always felt like we were simply catching up since last time and never rushed.

Ellie is relatable, smart, and current. Her perspective is a mix of her hands-on experience, the latest information, and her nurturing intuition. Throughout my pregnancy, and postpartum too, Ellie was just a text or phone call away. She put me at ease with every "is this normal?" and "is it okay if...?"question, even at 10pm.

With young kids of her own, I often found comfort in the idea that Ellie had been "in my shoes" not long ago. Her pregnancies and caring for her own little ones are still very top of mind—something that also comes in handy when chatting about local services, all things kids, or when you need a lactation specialist pronto postpartum day 3.

As ready as I was, labor and birth are unfathomable until you're in it. Seeing Ellie's face as we pulled up to Alta Bates bright and early that Saturday morning was one of the most reassuring moments I've ever encountered. As my midwife, she was a partner and collaborator on the most life-changing day of my life and I'm honored to have had her by my side.

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