Late Transfer

We found Ellie very late in my pregnancy, and working with her was immediately a comforting world of difference from my previous OB.  Ellie was a godsend for us - practical minded and funny yet firmly grounded in values that enabled me to have a natural birth.  I liked her approach to the possibilities of interventions - she was non judgmental and she immediately sized up the unusual situation my husband and I brought to her and seemed totally unfazed.  She is warm in her manner and reassuringly capable.  When I went into labor 2 weeks early, she was available.  In the hospital, she was ever-present and soothing during my exhausting, painful posterior labor and 4 hours of pushing.  Now, postpartum, Ellie gives me advice and listens to my problems  even when they are truly beyond the typical scope of care of a midwife.  I cannot recommend Ellie more highly.

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