Daphne N.

Daphne N.  
Pregnancy Complication

Ellie is simply the best. I feel beyond lucky to have her by our side as we head down this whole path to parenthood. She is so much more than a care provider, she has proven to be a friend and an incredible advocate. This is our first baby and as generally comes with that, we've had plenty of questions, fears, and hopes for how this will all unfold. She has been so accessible throughout, truly hearing us, helping us to understand our options and reassuring us that we have someone who will do everything in her power to help us have the best birth for us and our little one.

The best example of her work would be helping us navigate our low lying placenta  issue which was picked up on our 20 week ultrasound. We went back at 30 weeks and 34 weeks without it moving enough to eliminate the need for a cesarean. Ellie absolutely advocated for us and educated on us on all of our options. As a result of her efforts, we chose to have one more ultrasound at 38 weeks - which showed we were clear for a natural birth!! She gave us the space to understand our options, without pressure, but plenty of support for what was right for us and our baby. I honestly cannot say enough good things about this lovely midwife. The Bay Area is lucky to have her!!

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