Jessica H. and Brett L.

Jessica H. and Brett L.   
Second Time Midwife Experience 

In a era of pregnancy care and birth that is often over medicalized, over managed, too often impersonal and focused on the problems of pregnancy and birth rather than the beauty and grace that birth can be, Ellie is a breath of amazing fresh air. Her practice models not only what pregnancy can be and should be, but also what healthcare should look like.  We feel so lucky to have found Ellie, and so grateful that she accompanied us on the amazing journey of welcoming our second baby into the world.

I was lucky. I had what I would describe as the perfect birth with my first daughter. I went into spontaneous labor on my due date. Labored at home for many hours before going to a birth center to meet my midwives and without any medical intervention had a beautiful water birth. This experience was transformative and empowering. An experience that I would have given anything to be able to re-create the second time around. However- we were new to the Bay Area when we found out we were expecting. This first birth happened in Chicago. As we set out to find a midwife to carry us through our second pregnancy and birth, at first I was excited. I felt like Berkeley was the perfect place to find a provider and a birth space that was low intervention, personal and compassionate. We also desired a provider with strong clinical skills  to address medical issues if they arose.  However, this search was more difficult than I expected it to be in the Bay Area. And then we met Ellie!! From the moment my husband and I met Ellie, we knew we were in incredibly capable, smart and relatable hands.

Ellie’s model of care is everything that healthcare should be.  Our prenatal care was exceptional. It was individualized and caring while also being current and clinically sound. She involved my husband and our three-year-old daughter authentically in the visits and got to know our family while also checking in on our growing baby. Ellie was exceptional during my birth.  She supported my decision to labor at home before coming in and was 100% accessible on the phone during this process. And, seeing Ellie as we pulled up to Alta Bates was just the comfort I needed in the height of labor. She was by my side and believed in my body’s ability to birth my baby, just as much as I did. And when we had a brief moment of concern when my very big baby’s shoulder was stuck for a few moments, my husband says seeing Ellie’s calm and competent face made him know, everything was going to be ok. Ellie advocated for my post-partum care even before I knew it needed to be advocated for. She helped me plan how to ensure I had the support I needed and checked in many times to ensure our transition was going well.

I am forever grateful for the care that Ellie provided our family. Thanks to Ellie the birth of my second daughter was perfect as well. And this time around, my prenatal and postnatal care took care of me in a way that I did not even know I needed. Working with Ellie was the best decision that we made in this pregnancy and birth.

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