Kimberly W.

Kimberly W.
7 Month Transfer

Seven months into my pregnancy I decided that I wanted to make a change regarding my OB provider and wanted a different birth experience.  It was this decision, even though it was very difficult, that lead me to Ellie Griffinger.  My first meeting with her put me at ease and I felt a sense of relief and calm regarding my decision to change.  She was kind, compassionate, thorough and offered excellent advice and suggestions to set up a good support system for me.  The weeks passed and we kept in close contact through visits and phone calls, she spoke to me and my husband on multiple occasions offering support and advice.  I ended up being a week over-due and was feeling very impatient and discouraged about my seemingly lack of progression (first time mom).  

When the contractions finally began 12 hours later I was in the hospital with Ellie by my side.  She offered support and options for me to help progress my labor and I always felt I had control and options afforded to me without judgement.  Needless to say my labor turned into a very long and complicated one with many unforeseen challenges and sudden complications.  Throughout the entire process I was acutely aware of Ellie's incredible knowledge, calming demeanor and training.  Even more importantly, I had such trust in her abilities because of our close relationship.  I felt so much support and joy throughout the very long and difficult labor and ultimate difficult delivery.  Sometimes I tell my birth story to others and they often comment "how traumatic that must have been”  and “you must have been so scared" but I wasn't.  I felt so much love, so much support and so much compassion and trust that all started with Ellie and spread to the rest of my "birth team."  I have such good memories of my delivery and feel so much gratitude that I found her. I am so thankful that I listened to my heart telling me to switch and find someone else to be my provider.  

I learned so much from Ellie. I myself am a provider and learned from her to have more compassion, empathy and love for my patients.  I truly feel she was a gift to me and will always cherish her in my heart.  She safely brought my sweet baby girl Juliet to this earth despite encountering serious complications with her heart rate.  Her expertise gave us a healthy baby girl but her compassion, love and spirit gave me a positive and happy birth experience.  I also had a good support system set up prior to delivery to help me prevent and treat possible postpartum depression which runs in my family. I feel her persistent recommendations for  me to do so has thus far, prevented me from getting postpartum depression. I was also so impressed with the care-team that she had access to which introduced to me a wonderful lactation specialist and pediatrician.  I was enveloped in support and love and my life has been forever changed.  It is amazing what a truly caring provider and good person can do for your soul.

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