Lina and Irwin

Lina and Irwin 
From Fear to Trust … creating a new birth story.


Thanks to Ellie’s incredible skills and wisdom, our daughter Gabriela had as smooth and perfect entry into this world as we could ever have wished for.

We met Ellie just one week before delivery - an unusual circumstance – but she welcomed us into her practice and within 24 hours made all necessary preparations and reviewed all my prenatal care prior to our first meeting.

It only took a brief but clear phone conversation to realize we had made the right decision to switch.  Right from the start, Ellie gave us confidence that we could – this time - have a very different birth story. Ellie emanates both absolute competence in midwifery as well as warmth and compassion as a nourishing caregiver. She is incredibly responsive and never rushes her time with you.

When Gabriela’s due date arrived, Ellie was there to support us through a very special experience.  Without using any medications, Ellie helped me have Gabriela within 90 minutes of our arrival at Alta Bates. She even had the intuition to let our daughter be born in the caul or amniotic sac – which allowed for an even smoother journey through the birth canal.

The postpartum care that she has given me was outstanding, very supportive, reassuring and once again Ellie was just a text or phone call away. She also has a great network of resources that I have used.

We can only say THANK YOU Ellie for receiving us into your practice in the manner that you did and for the amazing, loving and excellent care that you provide.


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