Lizzie E.

Lizzie E. 
Getting the birth I wanted

I got the natural birth that I wanted and Ellie helped me get there. My husband and I considered a home birth but I wanted the safety net of a hospital, and so we sought out a midwife who would understand our hopes to keep the hospital birth as natural as possible. Ellie not only provided my husband and me with excellent midwifery services, but she became a friend through my pregnancy, birth, and postpartum care. She encouraged my husband to attend our meetings and be an active participant through the process and she always took time with us. Ellie listened to our concerns, answered all our questions, and she got to know us. When I had fears about the hospital birth, and being pressured to accept interventions that I did not want, she spent extra time to talk me through my concerns, and then she even called me after our visit to check in. When it came time to meet Ellie at the hospital, I was happy to have her there, knowing she had our priorities in mind, and trusting in her care. I was present and an active participant in the whole process. I could enjoy the support of my husband and Ellie throughout. When my daughter entered the world I was right there with her, in shock, but looking her in the eyes, loving her and soaking up every moment. And after my daughter was born and I was experiencing postpartum blues, Ellie took extra time to support me through it, talking with my husband and me both about alternatives and next steps. Ellie wasn’t just our baby catcher—she allowed us to have the birth experience we wished for and she facilitated a comfortable process, from pregnancy checkups to pushing out my baby without any drugs, and even gave advice postpartum. I would recommend Ellie wholeheartedly. I feel lucky to have found her and I’m going to miss our visits!

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