Maggie and Dave M.

Maggie and Dave M.
To a partner, from a partner

What first appealed to us about having Ellie deliver our first child was the benefit of a more natural-focused birth in a hospital setting. We also really liked the idea that we would get to know the person who would be our provider, instead of the round robin approach at clinical medicine groups.

What I didn't anticipate is the benefit of having access to our provider outside of our regular visits. The ability for my wife to email Ellie with a quick question was helpful. Even more helpful was Ellie's ability and willingness to help us during laboring but before we went to the hospital. She has a great ability to determine how to help through the early labor process and direct the entire team (my wife, myself, and my doula).

If you are the partner and are reading this, I hope you'll take this to heart: working with an individual like Ellie takes a load off of you from determining how to navigate the hours and sometimes days before your baby is delivered. While this was true from my recent experience, it will always be the case for us because every birth is different. You cannot underestimate how crazy labor can get and how much it helps to have a guide to get through it and also the delivery.

The other thing I'd encourage the partners to know is that a doula is a life-saver. Ellie recommended a doula to us, and my wife and I are unsure how we would have gotten through our long, early labor (2 full days of intense contractions!) without her. She allowed me to catch an hour of sleep here and there, reminded me and encouraged me to go get food for myself, and was able to get my wife relaxed and comfortable through tricks and tips that I would have never figured out. Most importantly, Ellie and our doula worked really well as a team to make those final few days of pregnancy something we'll remember as both challenging but also rewarding, as we overcame challenges as a team in a way that was very satisfying.

Now on to the fun part - we have a great little baby boy that was delivered by Ellie without painkillers.The doctor on staff suggested we try an epidural, but Ellie, knowing that we wanted to avoid this, helped us weigh the risks and benefits and put forth great effort in coming up with an alternate plan and steered us away from "intervention highway." Ellie's guidance and confidence allowed us to have this baby the way we envisioned it... except for one change. Instead of relaxing, calm music during delivery, we switched up the mood in the delivery room and went with Motown. Try listening to the lyrics from classic Motown hits... Almost all of them include the word "baby" in them!

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