Patient Handouts

  • Questions to Save your Relationship - A poignant article on partner communication in your new role as parents
  • Where does the weight go? - A breakdown in pounds of where your pregnancy weight can be distributed. 
  • Continuous Support In Labor- A synopsis of the research on the effects of continuous support in labor and the benefits for mother and her labor curve.
  • Birth Hopes- An example of a simple, effective birth plan to share with your nurse.
  • Visualizations for Your Birth- Develop your “mantra” for labor. These samples are to serve as inspiration, or if one speaks to you, use it.
  • Mothering the Mother- An article by Sva Boyda-Vikander (10/21/2012) highlighting the importance of the postpartum period and having the right support in place to maximize your experience.
  • Nutrition during pregnancy- A simplified guide to maximize feeling your best through guided nutrition during your pregnancy and postpartum period.
  • Choosing a Pediatrician- Here is a list of some considerations when choosing a pediatrician for your baby.
  • Preparing for the Storm - A Midwife Ellie patient blogs about her past experience with post- partum depression and how this pregnancy she is taking a stand to have a different experience. 

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