Peter J.

Peter J.  
Commuting to East Bay

We were a bit nervous about making the trek over the bridge from the city for Daphne’s delivery but knowing that we would be in such good hands made the decision an easy one. All it took was one meeting will Ellie and we felt like we would be willing to go to the moon and back if it meant having her at the birth of our child. Ellie talked us through the plan for getting to her throughout Daphne’s pregnancy, all the while making sure we were both comfortable with the plan and had voiced any concerns. On the day of Daphne’s delivery, she was constantly available to us, checking in to see how things were progressing and making sure we were factoring things like traffic, weather and Daphne’s general energy level into the trip we'd be making over the bridge. The whole time we felt really comfortable, heard and cared for. It was absolutely worth it and we plan to make the trek again for our second.

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