Robyn A. and Bernat B-R.

Robyn A. and Bernat B-R.
Letter to My Midwife

Dear Ellie,

I am going to start this with “geez, how do I even begin to say thank you?” what words can even best articulate how I and so many women feel when expressing heartfelt gratitude to our midwife - my life changed when I became a mother, and you were there, through the most poignant transformation in my life and when beautiful Naia came from my womb to this world.

You made a dream come true for me.

The first part of my pregnancy I had been seeing a doctor and I didn’t know the difference between a doctor and midwife, but talking to a couple of friends I knew I wanted the kind of care they had. I didn’t want to be treated like I had a medical condition, but rather experiencing a beautiful rite of passage among women. And when I met you I knew it was right, that I was in good hands. The ten minute prenatal OB doctor visits I had turned into one hour conversations with you that didn’t feel like prenatal appointments. I felt safe, respected, and loved in your care every single day. I loved how personal and patient you were through so many questions. You were always one step ahead predicting what I needed. You got me, you knew the right thing to say or do while I was overwhelmed with fifty different emotions at once. I trusted everything you said, through the unexpected induction and even when you saw me freak out – “wait, now?!!!” 

You, Lindsey and Bernat were the first faces Naia saw, and this emotional connection will forever be with us. My birth experience will remain one of the most empowering experiences in my life. It could not have been more nurturing, amazing or more beautiful. You gave me this wonderful gift, of believing I can do it. It has completely changed who I am and how I operate in the world.

So with heartfelt gratitude, thank you. Thank you for your light and your love. For your beautiful and inspiring energy and the powerful impact you and your work bring to this world. Thank you for holding my sacred space. You helped me bring the miracle of Naia into this world. For this, I hold you in my heart and will be forever grateful.

Love and hugs,


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